Going back to our typical app with those three sections, when we talk about the app’s footprint, we’re really talking about the dirty and compressed segments. So as a good rule of thumb, we recommend unloading large resources you cannot see. Now, I really like this image of Saturn’s north pole. The app is not always the cause of a memory warning. Do you want to see object creation? So a good example of this would be a JPEG. I’ve looked in vmmap, and I see the heap is really large, but what do I do about it next?

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So 1 gig, 3 gigs, 4 gigs, 6 gigs, 7 gigs. So let’s see what that looks like. So again, the user doesn’t notice anything’s different. Let’s see what this looks like.

iOS Memory Deep Dive

So that may be sop I want to investigate further as well. And it turns out it’s the same backtrace. So as an example of clean and dirty pages, let’s say I allocate an array of 20, integers.

Well, there’s no more instances here than I expect, but maybe one of these is really big.

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So there’s still more I could do here, right. Fortunately, James had memory-backed trace recording, allocation-backed trace recording turned on when he captured this Aoo, which means I can use the other tool he talked about to look at the creation backtrace of my object.


Each of them, it lists the size for each of the objects. This is virtual, resident, dirty, and compressed.

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It’s this weird hexagon shape, which is both kind of cool and a little freaky. So let’s go ahead and see what that tells us.

Now, a memory compressor or the memory compressor will take unaccessed pages and squeeze them down, which can actually create more space. Pretty much everything’s better. So now, I’m going to 41a it back to Kyle, who’s going to wrap things up for us. When does it stop rising?

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Now, a memory page is given to you by the system, and it can hold multiple objects on the heap. But the ao thing that’s nice is the simulator is never going to run out of memory. So now, I have three lines. That number looks kind of familiar.

So why is it 416s much larger? Another interesting thing to talk about is memory-mapped files. When enabled, the system will record a backtrace for each allocation.


And in Xcode 10, it’s been updated with this great new layout. It gives you a virtual memory system profile and will show you things like page cache hits and page zero fills for the VM. Now, there’s a luminance and alpha 8 format.

If there were, you know, multiple root view controllers, or multiple noir filters, or multiple filters in memory, more than I expect, that’s something else I could investigate.

So James makes some pretty good points, so I think, in general, we want to get this needle as far to the left as possible instead of as far to the right.

We get a memory warning, and we decide to remove all objects from our cache. So that’s the same data that was above.

So how do we pick the right format? It’s not very likely, but I might as well check. And then, once I’m stopped in the debugger, I want to go ahead and see the 416s of this image.