Kind of a byproduct of the sustainer. The steel bar and the bobbin top and bottom are then all epoxied together to make the bobbin structure on which the wire is wound. The last example might be a useful one; after all a motor is electricity used to induce movement Why is it so dangerous to cut rare earth magnets? Sign in Already have an account?

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Homemade Sustainer – Electronics Chat –

The fact that none of the commerical sustainers use or ever used the LM should be the first indicator that it was never the best solution. Squier Strat Refinish Project Done!

Can’t say the same thing for frets though I’d really like to make something of that as it, like the others, were noodle improvs, but even though I haven’t heard it since the recording, I still find myself humming it So I pick and then start sustaining a note and make little adjustments to the preamp level as I play.

Sustwiner In Sign Up. There should be no need to break them ssustainer they come in all sizes and the larger ones will suck the strings right off a guitar!! Keep in mind though, that we cannot use a conventional guitar pickup as a driver because it has very high impedance sustaiher DC resistance typically 5KK. If you are interested in sustainer theory, just about any aspect of it has been discussed on the thread that this tutorial was born from:.


Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers. By popular request, I updated the article with a proposed wiring for the sustainer driver and circuit.

DIY sustainer – Materials, electronics and plug ins – Unfretted Forum

I’m pretty proud of this thing Parts are cheap, time and troubleshooting costs are expensive. I’d invite people to join in on the sustainer thread Sustainer Ideas Recent Posts New Build: Hi Nicolas, Sorry for the late reply. More turns of thicker wire would make a physically large coil that might be too large to fit on a guitar pickup bobbin. Years back, I might have far more to add to this development than I can probably offer right now.

If you really play around with them so that they play in tune, and stay in tune and you make sure they’re as quite as they can be I do have an old crap pickup lying around I’d love to try this with, but I need to do a bit more research and hopefully find someone to help me understand exactly what i’d need too. I dont find any difference between the normal pick up and sustainer driver???


I no longer have any of the guitars I built these into, so I can’t do a video. I haven’t done it, but it seems easy dij to take the output after the Fetzer valve and have an onboard boost. I call it my hippie guitar Jimmy page wiring mod.

I read some of them and i saw only single coils used. It was inevitable that the disparity between the two ideals would lead to poor results and frustration for many.

Posted June 4, In the other mode it will try to cancel out the main mode and kick up some harmonics in the string. Think of the driver as a cone-less speaker in the shape of a guitar pickup that replaces your neck pickup.

I liked how right at the end this gain came from nowhere and it gave it this nice edgy sound. Strip the pickup and remove all wire. I see about what he’s doing, but I don’t understand what he’s using as the “driver”, I can solder my ass off, but without schematics Basically it is just feedback Here’s a couple of Pics of some recent contributions All terrific stuff